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With more than 1100 computer-generated figures, line drawings, and photographs, Atlas of Immunology clearly demonstrates that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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Written for students, basic scientists, and clinicians, this second edition provides a thorough and up-to-date treatment of all the concepts needed to comprehend contemporary immunology. The coverage ranges from photographs of historical figures to molecular structures of recently characterized cytokines, major histocompatibility complex molecules, immunoglobulins, and molecules of related interest.
See what’s new in the Second Edition:

  • New illustrations, such as cellular adhesion molecules, presented in a manner that facilitates better understanding of their role in intercellular communication and immune reactions
  • Coverage of advances in understanding of cell receptors and signal transduction pathways
  • New information on cytokines and chemokines with special reference to their structure and function
  • Five new chapters: comparative immunology, autoimmunity, vaccines and immunization, therapeutic immunology, and diagnostic immunology
    Easy access to visual images of immunological information!
    Illustrating every essential basic concept in immunology, this profusely illustrated text is an invaluable resource. It includes figures pertinent to all of the immunological subspecialties, such as transplantation, autoimmunity, immunophysiology, immunopathology, antigen presentation, and the T-cell receptor, to name just a few. No other publication provides the breadth and detail of illustrated immunological concepts as Atlas of Immunology, Second Edition. It puts visual images of immunological information within easy reach.

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