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Complementary and Alternative Cardiovascular Medicine: Clinical Handbook (Contemporary Cardiology Ser) (Contemporary Cardiology

Academic clinicians, clinical scientists, well-known practitioners of alternative medicine, and authors of popular works on the subject summarize the facts about complementary cardiovascular medicines so that physicians can confidently and knowledgeably advise their patients. The authors comprehensively explain the background for each important alternative therapy, its rationale, the evidence supporting its use, its possible interaction with standard medicines, and, where possible, what is known about its safety and efficacy. The therapies for treating coronary heart disease (CHD) range from the more commonly encountered herbs, vitamins, supplements, and dietary fats and oils, to such less familiar techniques as acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, chelation therapy, meditation, aroma therapies, prayer, and energy therapies. Also included is a value-added CD-ROM that provides an eBook version of the work that can be viewed either on a personal computer or synchronized to a PDA.
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