Dermatoscopy of Non-Pigmented Skin Tumors: Pink – Think – Blink

Although many skin lesions are pigmented, Dermatoscopy of Non-pigmented Skin Tumors: Pink – Think – Blink addresses non-pigmented lesions, which may be more difficult to diagnose. It discusses dermatoscopy not only as a reliable tool for diagnosis, but also for the monitoring of treatment outcomes following topical therapy.
The clinical diagnosis of non-pigmented skin lesions is one of the most challenging in the daily routine. To arrive at a correct diagnosis—or at least an adequate management plan—the clinician needs to collect many pieces of information and put them together like a puzzle. Illustrated with nearly 200 color clinical and dermatoscopic photographs, this book is an invaluable guide for clinicians striving to solve the diagnostic puzzle and correctly identify non-pigmented lesions.

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