For current medical students, this is a great way to reinforce the material you are learning and another incentive to know the information well. For professionals in the field, this is an opportunity to stay up to date with the most current research and data. Medical Physiology hopes to accomplish the first in what are many other books in the basic sciences to allow greater access to those in the field of medicine and those who wish to understand these topics at a greater level. All the chapters of the book have been discussed in detail that students can grasp the matter easily.

Salient Features:

Simple and easy language
Easy to understand, easy to remember and reproduce
Lots of diagrams, flowcharts and tables are provided
Fundamental and basic principles of physiology are clearly explained
Excess, unwanted details are omitted
Essential and relevant information is presented in a simple lucid manner
Exam oriented point wise presentation
An exhaustive, chapterwise question bank is provided
Prepared as per syllabus of sevenal Health Universities

Chi tiết sách___
Title:Textbook of Medical Physiology
Author(s): A.P. Krishna
Publisher: Scientific International
Year: 2019 Edition: 2nd
Language: English Pages: 482
ISBN: 9789386800619, 9386800616 ID:2333893
Size: 5 MB Extension: azw3

Tải sách: Định dạng AZW3 (For Kindle), 482 trang, Dung lượng 5 MB – GOOGLE DRIVE

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