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Mental Health Disorders Sourcebook, Seventh Edition

Mental Health Disorders Sourcebook, Seventh Edition discusses how the brain works, the components of mental wellness, and the processes that lead to illness. It offers information about the major types of mental illness and their treatments, including affective disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and disorders that impact behavior, including impulse control disorders, addictions, and eating disorders.

The Health Reference Series
For over 25 years, librarians have trusted the Health Reference Series to answer their patrons health questions as they navigate the increasingly noisy, and often unreliable, landscape of medical information.

The Health Reference Series provides basic medical information for patients, families, caregivers, and the general public. Each volume takes a particular topic and provides comprehensive coverage. This is especially important for people who may be dealing with a newly diagnosed disease or a chronic disorder in themselves or in a family member. People looking for preventive guidance, information about disease warning signs, medical statistics, and risk factors for health problems will also find answers to their questions in this series.

About the Publisher
The Omnigraphics mission has been to provide authoritative and engaging reference resources to libraries and schools. Spanning the areas of biography, history, health, culture, and ready reference, the Omnigraphics products have been consistently recognized for demonstrating the same uncompromising quality throughout the years



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