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Pharmaceutical Powder Compaction Technology

Compaction of powder constituents―both active ingredient and excipients―is examined to ensure consistent and reproducible disintegration and dispersion profiles. Revised to reflect modern pharmaceutical compacting techniques, this second edition of Pharmaceutical Powder Compaction Technology guides pharmaceutical engineers, formulation scientists, and product development and quality assurance personnel through the compaction formulation process and application.

This unique reference covers:

– The physical structure of pharmaceutical compacts

– Bonding phenomena that occur during powder compaction

– Compression mechanisms of pharmaceutical particles

– Theories and basic principles of powder compaction

New topics include:

– Compaction data analysis techniques

– The migration of powder constituents into commercial manufacture

– Instrumentation for compaction

– Compaction functionality testing, which is likely to become a USP requirement

– Design space for compaction

– Metrics required for scalability in tablet compression

– Interactive compaction and preformulation database for commonly used excipients

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