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Present Knowledge of Rice Genetics and Cytogenetics (Rice Genetics Collection)

“The Rice Genetics Collection” of past symposia and other selected literature contains nearly 4,400 pages of searchable information on rice genetics and cytogenetics published by the IRRI and its partners since 1964. In addition to the five genetics symposia held at 5-year intervals since 1985, the collection contains classic publications that kicked off significant reporting on these subjects in the early 1960s. This collection is a comprehensive and historical documentation on the subject of rice genetics, spanning 45 years of research and scholarly work.This technical bulletin on the “Present Knowledge of Rice Genetics and Cytogenetics”, written in 1964 by the late Te-Tzu Chang, a renowned geneticist, provided the first effort to bring together in one medium the voluminous multilanguage literature on these important subjects. It contains seven chapters on topics dealing with the Oryza species and species relationships; the origin and indigenous center of cultivated rices; cytological and cytogenetical studies, and their evaluation in relation to rice breeding; geographical groups of cultivated rices and intervarietal hybrid sterility in Oryza sativa; and areas requiring new or renewed research efforts.
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