Psychotherapy with Young People in Care: Lost and Found

Whilst there is a wealth of literature on working with children and adolescents, very little focuses on those who are in residential or foster care.

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Psychotherapy with Young People in Care is a practical guide to working with this group from a psychoanalytic therapeutic perspective.
Drawing on the author’s years of experience and illustrated with a wealth of clinical examples, as well as a comprehensive glossary, the book tackles those issues most relevant to those working with children and adolescents:
* the place of psychotherapy in residential/foster care
* ethical considerations: confidentiality and sexual abuse
* particular problems faced by young people: ADHD; trauma; PTSD.
This refreshing and valuable book is an essential teaching text for all those who work with young people in the care system, including child and adolescent psychotherapists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and social workers.

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