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Small-molecule Transcription Factor Inhibitors in Oncology

by Khondaker Miraz Rahman (Editor, Contributor), David E Thurston (Editor, Contributor)

Oncogenic transcription factors are an increasingly important target for anticancer therapies. Inhibiting these transcription factors could allow tumour cells to be “reprogrammed”, leading to apoptosis or differentiation from the malignant phenotype. As the use of kinase inhibitors is gradually declining, transcription factor inhibition is the next hot topic for oncology research and merits much attention. This book highlights recent progress in the development of small-molecule inhibitors of oncogenic transcription factors. It also presents the evidence that this important protein class can be modulated in a number of ways to develop novel classes of therapeutic agents. The broad range of aspects covered by the book is noteworthy and renders it enormously valuable. This title serves as a unique reference book for postgraduates, academic researchers and practitioners working in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology and bio-inorganic chemistry

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