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The Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer

The Complete Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer is the first choice for all Canadian men looking for a totally comprehensive understanding of prostate health.   This is the only available all-in-one guide that is focused on the Canadian medical system. It covers absolutely everything you need to know, including the latest medical research on diet and lifestyle, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, step-by-step treatment options in Canada—including alternatives to surgery and issues specific to gay men—recovering intimacy, and moving on with health and energy. Surgery for prostate cancer is not a simple decision; there are many other options, including doing nothing, and men must have the information they need to make informed, safe decisions about the various alternatives – and the risks. By supporting men through what can be an emotional and often confusing decision process, as well as during procedures and afterwards, The Complete Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer allows men to be comfortable with their medical choices in Canada – whatever they decide. Canadian men and their families will find everything they need in this book to conquer prostate disease and continue living full, active lives.
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