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The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations – Cardiovascular System Volume 8 2nd Edition PDF Free Get ebook : .00 :

The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations - Cardiovascular System Volume 8 2nd Edition PDF

Unfortunately I did not have the good fortune to know Dr. Netter personally, but as I read the introduction written years ago by his wife, Vera Netter, I got the distinct impression that, as she put it, “He was genius at what he did.” When I first received my copy of The Heart, by Frank Netter, in the 1960s (first printing, 1969) I was greatly impressed by the quality of the illustrations and the accompanying text. From the outset it was apparent that this was not a textbook of cardiovascular medicine and surgery. If one needed to know the details to perform a procedure or an operation, books that are dedicated to those subjects must be consulted. This book is an effective companion to textbooks of cardiovascular medicine and surgery or electronic resources specific to cardiovascular subjects. I find the illustrations particularly useful as teaching aids when trying to get across to medical students and young physicians the principles of cardiovascular disease. In 2012 I accepted the challenge and undertook the task to update the book at the request of the publisher, Elsevier. I very quickly came to realize that I was not quite as smart as I thought I was about cardiovascular matters. So, on many occasions, I informally consulted with many friends about several old and new topics contained in the original version of The Heart. Since the text accompanying the illustrations was written in the 1960s, an update was needed because of the many changes in cardiovascular disease diagnosis and therapy. Despite this requirement, the original artwork is spectacular and remains so. Several medical artists working with Dr. Netter also contributed illustrations that I have included in this new edition. Several important new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts have evolved over the past 40 years since the initial 1969 printing was published. For example, cardiac ultrasound is not mentioned in the early edition nor are four major imaging methods now used: computed tomographic imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear imaging, and angiography.

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