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Anesthesia: Essential Clinical Updates for Practitioners : Regional, Ultrasound, Coagulation, Obstetrics and Pediatrics

This book provides a quick update on key aspects of current anesthesia practice. Book chapters are written in a concise manner to enable readers (anesthesia providers and medical students) to quickly refresh their knowledge, and understand the essential points about key topics. The chapters are written by eminent clinicians who are also outstanding teachers in their respective anesthesia training programs.

Topics covered in this volume include: trauma, trauma anesthesia, regional anesthesia, upper extremity blocks, lower extremity blocks, ultrasound, the use of ultrasound for blocks and vascular access, coagulation, hemostasis, transfusion, anticoagulants and their reversal, issues in pediatric anesthesia, and pediatric trauma, as well as obstetrical anesthesia. The book serves as a handbook for advanced anesthesia professionals and a textbook for medical students.

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