Nurses! Test yourself in Anatomy & Physiology (Nursus! Test Yourself in) 1st Edition

“Many Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) textbooks have been written, most of them are limited by the absence of a significant bank of self test material. This book fills that space by providing the student engaged in active learning opportunities to assess their learning in all the core areas of A&P. The explanatory feedback material following answers to the test questions is excellent. Now the student has a resource that actually guides them towards success. It will complement any course that includes introductory A&P. This book will be a very useful partner to any student new to the subject that is motivated to learn and do well.”

Jim Jolly, Head of Academic Unit for Long Term Conditions, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds, UK
“This book will be of great benefit to student nurses revising for exams as well as registered nurses wishing to refresh their memory. The authors have a good awareness of the areas where students struggle, and have focused special attention on those.”

Dorothy Adam, Lecturer, The Robert Gordon University, UK


“This book is the perfect companion to help nurses explore their own understanding of this key subject. Students and newly qualified nurses alike will find the different kinds of tests a valuable revision aid.”

James Pearson-Jenkins, Senior Lecturer of Adult Acute Nursing, University of Wolverhampton, UK


“This text is ideal for revision purposes or as a refresher for the basic workings of the human body. The book will help to build the foundations for learning the pathophysiology behind the body systems.”

Amy Hutchinson, Student Nurse, University of Ulster, UK


“An excellent book which I would recommend to all nursing students studying Human Life Sciences or Anatomy and Physiology. This is a really useful book to learn and revise from; each section summarises the essential points and then tests your knowledge… I wish I had had this book prior to my first exam!”

Karen Stewart, Student Nurse, Queen’s University Belfast


Looking for a quick and effective way to revise and test your knowledge?


This handy book is the essential self-test resource for nurses studying basic anatomy & physiology and preparing for exams.


This book includes over 450 questions in total, each with fully explained answers. These include:


45 A&P illustrations

180 glossary terms

Multiple choice questions
True or false questions

Labelling exercises

Fill in the blank questions



Each main body system has its own chapter, so you can get in depth practice for your exams. Body systems covered include:
Integumentary system

Musculoskeletal system

Nervous system

Endocrine system

Cardiovascular system

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Urinary system

Immune and lymphatic system

Reproductive system


Written by lecturers at one of the UK’s top nursing schools, this test book is designed to help you improve your results – and tackle your exams with confidence!

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